Prepare now – the recovery is coming.

Yes, the economic rebound is on the way.  Guaranteed.  But where, and when?  If you’re like most architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting (AEE) professionals, you’ve been asking and analyzing this question for some time. You’re not sure, and neither am I.  The economy is indeed recovering, but it’s slow and fragile.  Job losses have stopped, and nearly a million new jobs have been created this year (this week’s May jobs report was disappointing).  Consumer confidence is growing and has this month reached a two year high.  More business leaders are now planning for hiring and inventory ramp up across a […]

What’s your accounting system done for you lately?

This month I attended the annual Deltek Insight conference, and learned a good deal more about Vision, Deltek’s popular accounting software platform used by a significant slice of the AEE (architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting) market.  The experience has me wondering again why it’s so pervasive that organizations don’t more fully utilize the capability and functionality of their accounting systems?  A common experience:  buy the system, install it, and get it up and running with core accounting functionality, and then stop – leaving much of the power of information reporting, business analysis, client account and relationship management, and such for another […]

What about the international work?

Last week I participated in a panel presentation entitled “What AEC Firms Need to Know about the International Markets,” at Deltek’s annual Insight Conference.  I was joined by panel colleagues Mick Morrissey of MorrisseyGoodale and Brian Raber from Merrick & Company.  Together we sought to lay out a brief sketch of the international opportunity – the why, where, and how – along with some lessons learned from real world international experience.  About half of the attendee audience cited at least some international project experience; only a few of their firms had operational offices or teams overseas.  Our presentation was well received, […]

Cinco de Profitabal!

The fifth of May is a festival in our home – a day for big hats, Mexican food, and celebrating my son Joshua’s (easy to remember) birthday.  It’s also a time of optimism and renewal here in New England as the sunshine returns, and cool rains (not snow!) usher in a start and stop spring.  Days like these help me to recharge my business and life – as I hope they do yours.  So, out this morning (one foot in front of the other) I worked on priorities for my business and yours.  Here are my thoughts – five projects […]