Our formula for seminar, workshop, or speaking engagement success:

relevant, useful, and thought-provoking content, shared in an engaging,
high-energy experience, with a laser focus on kinetics:
commitment, action, and real results. 

John Doehring is an accomplished and admired speaker, known for his on-stage energy, enthusiasm, and audience-engaging style.  John is a maverick – a contrarian voice – who speaks with candor and humor about the realities of business today, but with a bold optimism for the enormous potential of our world ahead.  He speaks regularly on topics of individual and organization success: business strategy, growth, and profit; developing existing and next generation leaders; and operations excellence and transformation. Around the nation and beyond, John’s audiences have included hundreds of private client firms, conferences and seminars, and keynotes and breakouts for trade associations at local, state, regional, and national events. 

Program Formats

Our live speaking enagements are generally offered in one of three formats:

  • Boot camps and seminars – longer form, comprehensive, and full immersion, 1-3 days;
  • Active workshops – shorter form, detailed, interactive, 3-6 hours;
  • Keynotes and breakouts sessions – high-energy and engaging, 45-90 minutes;

Our content, materials, and subject focus can often be tailored to fit into one or more of these formats – an hour, a half day, a full day or more.  Let us know what you’re after – we’ll work with you to create a program that fits your team just right.


“Very energetic and very knowledgeable. Understands the business as an insider and is able to poke at its follies with credibility.” (President, large engineering firm)

“John could teach public speaking! Very engaging – made me feel like I was the most important person in the room.” (President, architecture firm)

“Dynamic and bold presenter (every time); he finds great connections between life and the material” (Director, engineering firm)

“Very dynamic – great speaker – lots of good [information], and relevant to actual, practical applications and solutions!” (President, engineering firm)

“Every architect on the planet should have to hear this stuff.” (Principal Architect)

Bootcamps and Seminars

Popular Topics Today
(Keynotes, Breakout Sessions, Workshops, Seminars):

  • Stop Eating Your Leaders! (Get Going, Do What Works, and Ignite the Next Generation in Your Firm!)
  • Fast Future Rx! (Transforming Your Business in a Transforming World)
  • The Professional Procrastinators Guide to Dealing in Difficult Conversations. (How to Listen, Speak, Agree (and Get Things Done) When it Really Matters Most)
  • Worth It!  (Breakthrough Strategies to Get the Fees you Deserve!)
  • The BackPocket Business Plan! (Outrageously Simple Planning for Extraordinary Business Results!)
  • Excelerate Growth! (Achieving Extraordinary Professional Success as a Seller-Doer)

Additional Topics
(Presentations, Workshops, and Seminars We’ve Previously Delivered):

  • The Seven Success Secrets of Extraordinary Project Managers
  • Best Team Wins! (Employee Engagement and Firm Success)
  • The Five Inviolate Laws of Breakthrough Execution Success! (Set The Dream, Engage the Team, and Really Get Things Done)
  • Pinstripes and Polka Dots! (Stand Up, Stand Out, and Win Today!)
  • What’s Wrong with Business Development in the Firm Today? (The Common Mistakes that Top Firms Avoid with Growth)

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