Fast Future!

Ten Uber-Trends Changing Everything in Business and Our World

The Fast Future isn’t coming – it’s here. Over the next twenty-five years, large-scale change will transform profoundly almost everything in our world. This tsunami of change will usher forth both amazing opportunities and considerable threats. Most organizations with a ‘business as usual’ approach will face a rocky ride, and maybe even untimely death. Firm leaders and managers must today clearly understand the scale and significance of the Fast Future ahead, the implications of change on their business, and the actions necessary for continued success.  Business owners, partners, principals, and professionals of all types will benefit from this timely, relevant, and eye-opening discussion of the ten uber-trends changing everything, and the Fast Future that lies ahead.

Stop Eating Your Leaders!

Get Going, Do What Works, and Ignite the Next Generation in Your Firm!

[Available Christmas 2019!]

Developing the next generation of firm leaders has always been important – but never more so than today. The accelerating pace of business, hyper-competitiveness of markets, and growing uncertainty of the Fast Future ahead emphatically demand that successful businesses be captained by talented, innovative, and doing-oriented leaders. In this breakthrough new work, John Doehring deconstructs the common mistakes and missteps that professional services organizations make, and how to move quickly beyond these – to a proven, seven step process for creating, implementing, and executing a best-in-class leadership development program in your company. Get going, do what works, and ignite the next generation in your firm. It’s time to win.

The BackPocket! Business Plan!

Outrageously Simple Business Planning for Extraordinary Business Results

Most business leaders, firm principals, and design and technical professionals complete lots of plans: project plans, service line plans, marketing plans, annual business plans, and longer term strategic plans.  Still, most of these plans are done poorly – ill-conceived, not finished, or just plain wrong.  And the common outcome of all this effort?  Nothing.  No impact, no change, no movement – and no return on the effort. Today everything in business is changing (and little is getting easier), and good business planning is even more important.  Fortunately, there is a simple solution: TheBackPocket! Business Plan!– a template and process for creating an elegant, three-page plan you can actually use to improve your business.  Get a copy today – and make the BackPocket! Business Plan!work for you.

Marketing: Made to Measure

A Guide to Marketing Goals and Metrics for Architecture, Engineering, and Environmental Firms

No marketing topic is hotter today than metrics. Firm executives want proof – what works and what doesn’t.  Still, in a dynamic and rapidly changing business, and an increasingly, turbulent, demanding, and hyper-competitive marketplace, it’s evident that the old, passive approaches of marketing (and the ‘good work sells itself’ mentality) are simply not enough. In Marketing: Made to Measure, John Doehring makes the case for a more proactive, integrated, and comprehensive system of business development objectives, initiatives, and measures (including enterprise strategy, marketing strategy, marketing tactics and marketing results) – and exactly what to measure at each point along the way.  Download your copy now, and design for your firm a well-tailored system for growth – made to measure.