Leadership+ Accelerator
Private Mentor Consulting Program


The Leadership+ Accelerator is a hands on, 1-1 program for leaders in design, creative, and technical fields who want to up-level personal and professional success.  We provide the structure to help you define the objectives, strategies, and action agenda you need to move ahead with confidence.  Design your future, grow your business, and make more money.

The Leadership+ Accelerator begins with reimagining your goals; assessing your current business; and focusing your operational plan for results. We cover the full range of opportunities:  growth; business development; project management; organization structure; communication; team success; leadership and ownership; and business sustainability.

“Very dynamic, lots of relevant and practical information and solutions!”
(President, engineering firm)

You’ll meet with John Doehring privately (by phone or video) for twice-monthly sessions to explore and create your plan, review progress, celebrate wins, remove obstacles, and improve results.  You’ll have access to our informative instructional videos, forms and templates, and a comprehensive toolkit to accelerate success. And you’ll have unlimited access and consulting support from John through email, text, or messaging app – 24/7.  If we can help, we want to!

Outcomes and Results for Clients:

  • Find your why – a superpower for change and results!
  • Design your vision, stop doing the wrong stuff!
  • Pursue your strategy on purpose, focus on what you do exceptionally well!
  • Clarify your markets and your marketing, and stop wasting time and money!
  • Create a comprehensive business development and client management system!
  • Get better clients now, earn like a trusted advisor!
  • Charge what you’re worth, supercharge your profits!
  • Stop losing money (and sleep) on poor clients and bad projects!
  • Up-level your staff, and engage the team in the dream! 
  • Invest smartly in the sustainable future of your firm! 
  • Inspire and develop your next generation of leaders!
  • Boost your impact, be extraordinary – a recognized, respected, and requested professional!
  • Stop talking, start doing, and double your results!

“Truly exceptional. Very knowledgeable, and freely giving of his insights.”
(Professional, scientific firm)

The Leadership+ Accelerator is structured (based on our experience with more than a thousand principals and other senior level professionals) but it’s not formulaic.  We tailor the path to your specific situation, agenda, and goals.

The Leadership+ Accelerator is space-limited, and by invitation only.  Fees for the program are paid in advance and are non-refundable.  If you continue to work with John on a monthly retainer beyond the initial program, you may stop at any time without further investment.

“We’re doing a lot right, but I still got a list of 15 things to improve our business!”
(Principal, environmental consulting firm)

What’s Included:

  • Six, individual, hands-on, one-to-one consulting sessions with John – focused exclusively on planning and achieving your success;
  • Six plus hours of online, recorded video content – deep-dive into the expertise and skill sets of professional success (purpose and vision; business development; project management and operations; leadership development; taking action and getting things done);
  • Forms and templates for pre-investment in each session – organize, focus, and accelerate to your goals;
  • Unlimited connectivity and support via email, text, or messaging apps – 24/7! (brief interactions, at just the right moment, often make all the difference)!
  • An experienced professional to guide your success, a committed coach in your corner, and an accountability partner on your wing right now!

“Provided affirmation [while] indicating areas to improve – I highly recommend this program.”
(Principal, engineering firm)

“Uses humor and an obvious, deep understanding of the business very well;
well organized and informative; exactly what I’d hoped for.”
(President, environmental consulting firm)

Is the Leadership+ Accelerator Right For Me?

We’ll Probably Be a Good Fit If …We Might Not Be a Good Fit If …
Your orientation is positive, you’re ready to go, your light is green.Your orientation is negative, you’re hesitant, you’re light is yellow (or red).
You have a clear vision for your future, or you’re ready to design one right now.You lack clarity about what you want, and you’re not sure that detailing this is necessary.
You want help getting started, coaching the next level, and supporting your efforts.You want someone to do it for you, or to blame when things don’t happen.
Despite your success, you’re not satisfied, you want more – good to great is a thing. You’ve achieved what you want, and are not sure the next step is worth the effort.
You dream in color, your vision is big and bold, you often ask why not?You’re concerned with being pragmatic, like to stay in your lane, and equate success with being comfortable.
You’re interested in growth, you want to expand your influence, to make a difference.You’d like to keep what you have -changing the world is someone else’s job.
You’re curious about everything, and always want to learn and know more.You’re done with school, learned what you need, and now want to focus on using it.
You show up regularly, honor your commitments, and do the work. You’d like to progress, but other, uncontrollable priorities always interfere.
You’re willing to do the work – whatever it takes – to get to your goals.You’re willing to try your best – and see where the chips fall.
You see yourself as the leader here, the decision maker; your success is up to you.You see other people and situations too often sabotaging your best intentions.
You’re a doer, and regularly push beyond the ideas and to massive action.You’re a good dreamer, but always have trouble following through to action.
You believe that moving fast and moving now is crucial to success; no time to waste.You want success – but aren’t sure that now is the right time to move.
You’re an interesting mix of big picture and small – a grand vision and detail focused.You’re either a dreamer or a doer – and don’t understand those who are opposite.
You’re intelligent and smart – but always willing to learn something new – you have lot of questions. You know most of the relevant things, and wonder if there’s much more – you have lots of answers.
You’re used to investing in yourself and your success.You’re skeptical that investments in personal improvement will really work.
You know that a balance of short term and long leads to sustainable success, and you make time to work on what matter most.You’d like to work on longer term objectives, but can’t ever find the time to get past short term fires.
You have faith in the process, focus, and work, and you’re ready to go now.You’d like to see more proof, examples, metrics – or guarantees – before you decide to begin.

“In my career, I’ve been a part of several programs–some good, some not. Our latest efforts are different – we’re getting things done, and we’re making our firm much stronger. And the difference, frankly, has been John – his experience and skill with our group, and the process he’s used to facilitate, follow up, and follow through – to help us get the hard stuff done.”
(President, architecture firm)

A Few Descriptors of Our Most Successful Mentor Program Participants:


“On a 1 to 5 scale – I give John a six!” (President, architecture firm)