We get lots of comments and feedback in our work, and we appreciate all of them! Here are few …

“In my career, I’ve been a part of several leadership retreats – some good, and some less so. Honestly, most resulted in too little action, and not enough results. Our latest efforts have been different – we’re getting things done, and we’re making our firm much stronger. And the difference, frankly, has been John – his experience and skill with our group, and the process he’s used not just to facilitate the meetings, but to follow up and follow through – to help us get the hard stuff done.” (President 50-person US Architectural Firm)

“Every architect on the planet should hear this stuff!” (Principal Architect and Firm Owner)

“Very energetic and very knowledgeable. Understands the business as an insider and is able to poke at its follies with credibility.” (President, large engineering firm)

“John could teach public speaking! Very engaging – made me feel like I was the most important person in the room.” (President, architecture firm)

“I learned that my firm is doing a lot of things right but I still come home with a list of 15 action items that will improve our business. Thanks!” (Principal, environmental consulting firm)

“Great big-picture concepts, presentation was real and generated reflection and ideas for personal growth as well as for the company” (Owner, architecture firm)

“Great presenter – great information – motivational and inspiring – to make changes in the way our firm continues” (VP Operations, A/E firm) 

“Overall helped provide affirmation for some things we’re doing right, but also indicated to us things we need to improve on. I would highly recommend this course to others” (Principal, engineering firm)

“Dynamic and bold presenter (every time); he finds great connections between life and the material” (Director, engineering firm)

“Very dynamic – great speaker – lots of good [information], and relevant to actual, practical applications and solutions!” (President, engineering firm)

“Very informative, with a twist of humor, very good presenter” (Principal, A/E firm)

“John knows the topics well and is an effective communicator. Great interaction with attendees during presentations.” (President and COO, architecture firm)

“A compelling speaker that can articulate ideas and extract information from attendees for the benefit of others.” (Principal, architecture firm)

“Love the examples and humor, makes topics that could be mundane really interesting.” (President, design firm)

“Indisputable energy! Connected everyday life in my firm to where it needs to be in the real, global world” (SVP, engineering firm)

“Uses humor and an obvious, deep understanding of the A/E business very well; well organized and informative; a very good presentation, the subject matter was exactly what I’d hoped for” (President, environmental consulting firm)

“Great delivery, easy-to-follow” (President and COO, architecture firm)

“On a 1 to 5 scale – I give John a six!” (President, architecture firm)

“John is dynamic and interesting in his delivery of the material.” (VP, engineering firm)

“Very polished, with a broad knowledge base” (Controller, engineering firm)

“Well presented. A great reminder for us” (Geotechnical Engineer, engineering firm)

“Great job keeping it light. Good balance between interaction and lecture. I enjoyed myself in a fun and educational environment” (President, engineering firm)

“John provided concrete ideas for improving the marketing efforts of our firm. He also provided a new way of defining strategic marketing and implementing it.” (Regional Director, environmental consulting firm)

“John, great job –really made me think about the task we need to focus on.” (VP, engineering firm)

“Material is very applicable to our firm. Good job!” (Sales Manager, environmental consulting firm)

“Tells a more compelling story, enjoy [his] presentation style – more enjoyable, engaging, more dynamic speaker” (Partner, architecture firm)

“Very knowledgeable speaker with expertise on almost every business aspect of our industry. Good anecdotal information. Small group setting, almost like having a business coach for [personal] consultation;” (President, engineering firm)

“A good strategist – to the point.” (President, engineering firm)

“Presenter truly exceptional. Very knowledgeable in the subject matter; freely giving of [his] insight;” (Project Scientist, engineering firm)

“A lot of good information to take back to my engineering staff” (Director of Business Development, engineering firm)

“Excellent, useful information; some great ideas came from the seminar, ideas that can be put into action right away.” (Principal, engineering firm)

“Very good and open dialogue. John was very personable and knowledgeable in the process of business development.” (Director of Business Development, engineering firm)

“I like how John stayed on schedule and also allowed time for questions and conversation.” (Business Development, A/E firm)

“I enjoyed the seminar and felt it covered a lot of good material.” (Business Development Manager, engineering firm)

“Very useful ideas and information with reference to project development and sale close. Enjoyed the knowledge and depth [of his] past experience.” (Managing Member, engineering firm)

“Very responsive to attendees’ ability to comprehend the material. Good resources and ability to adjust presentation to attendees’ needs.” (Vice President, architecture firm)

“Good presenter – works the room and keeps everyone involved” (Principal, architecture firm)

“John did a great job for me: very good information; it was good to see that we’re not the only ones struggling with these issues” (Engineer, engineering firm)

“Great information and an energetic speaker” (Business Development Manager, architecture firm)

“Extremely engaging!! Left with many new ideas that we intend to implement!” (Director of Business Development, AEP firm)

“John’s past experience helps him speak in a way that we can connect with.” (Principal, engineering firm)

“John’s approach was to engage all of us in a valuable dialogue on what works and what doesn’t. Very effective!! The outcome of the day revealed a few [new] ‘facets’ on the most familiar gems.” (Business Development Manager, engineering firm)

“His energy makes him the center of attention, and he’s good at involving the participants and keeping us interested and involved.” (Marketing Coordinator, engineering firm)

“[An] educational seminar delivered with a touch of humor” (Communications Coordinator, environmental consulting firm)

“Excellent speaker keeps [our] attention” (Senior Archaeologist, environmental consulting firm)

“John was very enjoyable as presenter – knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and good interaction with the group” (Marketing Director, engineering firm)

“This seminar was very informative and helpful” (Project Manager, architecture firm)

“Speaker was very interesting and easy to interact with” (Branch Office Manager, environmental consulting firm)

“Enthusiastic speaking style keeps your interest. Keeps [the] audience well involved.” (Associate, engineering firm)

“Excellent. This was a fantastic course. I came here with very little awareness of BD, and now I feel I have a solid starting [point]. John was excellent – extremely knowledgeable. I will definitely Google this presenter. I did not lose interest – worth the flight from Toronto!” (Consultant, environmental consulting firm)

“Excellent driver for class, interactive, knowledgeable. Good overview of business development.” (Business Development Director, environmental consulting firm)

“This seminar was a great overview of the front end of the A/E business.” (Director of Business Development, engineering firm)

“Great speaker, attentive to participants, interactive, confident” (Director of Business, engineering firm)

“Great presenter. Good information. User-friendly delivery.” (Business Director, A/E firm)

“Good dynamic speaker; relevant background and experience.” (Business Development Manager, engineering firm)

“Really great presentation – great content will be valuable, real examples.” (Director of Operations, engineering firm)

“John was a great combination – knowledgeable, dynamic, and funny. His information is a great enhancement, to build on the skills I developed over my career. John provided inspiration to step up my planning, and action items to ramp up my marketing efforts.” (Principal, engineering firm)

“Mr. Doehring exposed us to the industry’s best practices, the secret of executing, and even made it fun for the group.” (Vice President of Marketing, engineering firm)

“John covered the information thoroughly and at a level I could easily understand.” (Administrative Assistant, engineering firm)

“John has good and positive enthusiasm for the topic; good insight into all the issues;” (Marketing Director, engineering firm)

“Excellent. Even though the information was known prior – the way it was presented was easy to take back to the office and implement [with] the staff.” (Marketing Director, engineering firm)

“Excellent presenter. Great ideas to implement” (Marketing Director, engineering firm)

“Seminar provided tools and action plan, both of which I was looking for.” (Operations Manager, A/E firm)

“Very knowledgeable… Good use of examples” (EVP of Marketing Business Development, engineering firm)

“Excellent. Good ideas for our upcoming 2008 business plan process and strategic plan update” (EVP engineering firm)

“Strategic planning as a general concept was presented very well; I particularly enjoyed hearing from people in the crowd and their experiences” (Principle, engineering firm)

“Very interactive and interesting session” (Principle, architecture firm)