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Consulting Engagements

At J. Doehring & Co., we provide advice and counsel to senior management – on issues of business significance.
There is much in common in organizations – in the opportunities and challenges of achieving growth, profit, and sustainable organizational success. Still, each firm is also unique. A true advisor understands and appreciates both the similarities and differences.

And in business it’s usually not the ideas that make the difference, but the execution of those ideas that matters most. Taking action is a real differentiator. We focus developing action agendas that can be achieved – and then on helping the firm to get it done.

“Growth, Profit, and Sustainable Success … GPS for the 21st century!”


Seminars & Workshops

What stands today between your team’s performance – and achieving truly extraordinary results?
Our formula for seminar success: interesting, thought provoking, and relevant content, shared in an active and engaging forum, and with a special focus on action – and achieving lasting results.

Our goal is to deliver a remarkable educational experience of extraordinary value – and to help you and your team to achieve extraordinary outcomes in your business – and your life.

Contact us, and we’ll work with you to figure out exactly what you need.


Excelerate: How Professionals Achieve Extraordinary Success with Business Development

Winning new work has always been important, never more so than now. Markets and marketing are developing at breakneck speed. Today the old ways are no longer enough; all professionals must be involved in the growth effort. Excelerate! is an interactive and engaging approach to professional business development success, packed with insights, strategies, and tools for achieving immediate and extraordinary results.

Fast Future! Ten Uber-Trends that Will Rock our World

The Fast Future! isn’t just coming, it’s here. The next twenty years will bring a global transformation of astounding scale-with big winners and big losers. And in a world of near constant change and uncertainty, pursuing the status quo, ‘business as usual’ approach may be the riskiest strategy of all. Companies unwilling to change face a rocky ride, and untimely death. In this program we explore the uber-trends at work, and the strategies and methods that winning firms are taking today to ensure growth, profit, and sustainable success for tomorrow.

GPS! Business Planning Bootcamp

Your firm needs a plan. It’s critical that leaders define and communicate the organization’s mission, vision, and business strategies- or else risk being pushed around in the constant onslaught of shifting conditions, confusing options, and information deluge of the hypercompetitive, global marketplace. Strategic business planning is the comprehensive process of creating a vision (where the firm will go), and a roadmap for execution (how to get there), and is perhaps the most powerful tool a leader can use to design and achieve business growth, profit, and sustainable success.

The Seven Secrets of Extraordinary Project Management Success

Projects are the heart of the professional services firm, and effective project management is central to achieving growth, profit, and sustainable organizational success. Still, too many firms are operated just as well as they have to be, and not as well as they could be. In the future ahead, average performance will no longer be good enough. Successful companies must stand up and stand out- with true project management differentiators like responsiveness, communications, and customer service. This information packed workshop will unlock the seven secrets, and the tools of extraordinary project management success.