A few years back, one of my professional mentors, David Newman (of Do It! Marketing fame), suggested that all of us in a mastermind group send out a message to our communities with a year-end offer. The basic idea was to take advantage of a handful of possible motivations for action:  capturing otherwise unused budget funds, acceleration of payments for tax mitigation, and/or alignment with year-end (or new year) planning cycles.

Candidly, I was skeptical.  Most of our clients and prospects are independently owned professional services firms – architecture, engineering, planning, scientific.  These are not the typical businesses of corporate America, driven by quarterly earnings calls, bureaucratic budget cycles, or corporate politics.  Most of our client contacts are firm owners, executive leaders, and final decision makers.  Did they really care about these things?

Still, because my peers were all in, and the risk seemed low, I gave it shot.

And I learned that I was wrong. 

Indeed, it worked that first year, and has each year since.  A few clients will take advantage of this offer, and book a new strategic advisory project before years’ end – motivated in part by one of the reasons mentioned above.

And so, with just a few weeks left to go now, I’m again reaching out to our professional community – and with this pitch:

  1.  If you are considering working with us at J. Doehring & Co. next year – and particularly in the first quarter – and you still have unused development funds, or you are in a position to reduce your tax impact through investment – then we should talk, right now.  Our first quarter schedule is filling up.
  2. If you are considering hiring a strategic advisor (strategic planning, leadership development, operational transformation) in 2024, but are not yet sure who or how – or perhaps haven’t yet even thought much about scope, schedule, and process – then we should talk, right now.  There are often real reasons (and advantages) to a fast start in the new year.
  3. If you are thinking more vaguely about possibilities and opportunities – for improving the business, culture, and results in your firm and team in 2024 – then we should talk, right now.  We’d like to share with you our vision for XPF! The Extraordinary Professional Firm! – our full-on process for organization transformation, and for accelerating beyond the good – to truly extraordinary.

And finally, another idea and opportunity that grew out of our year-end offer (and that several clients/leaders have appreciated) is our Executive VIP Day Program.   VIP days offer a deep dive, (usually 1 to 1  days in length) one to one (or small group) strategic planning and coaching session focused on the why, where, and what of your business (and life).  This program is especially powerful for independent executive professionals, owner-leaders of small professional firms, and small teams looking for next-level alignment and performance.  Our offering includes options for additional follow-up coaching and development support (over 30, 60, or 90 days).  These sessions are intense and intensive, and both energetic and energizing.  And it’s amazing how much can be done (with laser focus and deep commitment) in just one day!  If this sounds right – and potentially relevant for you right now – give us a call.  [We have room for one or two more of these sessions early in the New Year (and we’ll offer 2023 pre-payment options as well).

Moving fast today won’t work for everyone – or even most.   But we’ve discovered that it will for some.  We’re not in the business of a ‘hard sell’ to anyone … we just don’t do that, and never will.  Still, if moving boldy makes sense to you – in your situation right now – then why not?  We’re in.  Let’s get on the phone and make something great happen in 2024 – for both of us.

Remember:  Big Score in ’24! 


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